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How it all begins

From concept to the gorgeous Mini Scout creations you wrap your
baby in, plenty of things (and people!) happen.

First, we travel to our factory and work with specialists to custom-engineer the softest muslin fabric
possible. That’s why your Mini Scout swaddle feels like a feathery hug: we make sure every woven
cotton fiber is lightweight and 2x longer than in the other fabrics.

Once something beautiful catches her eye, Kristina starts working. Using her tablet and home computer, she drafts these patterns until they’re perfect and can be printed on buttery-soft muslin. Then, we send the digital files to our factory, and they work on samples: we mix and match different colors and scales until we find what works better!

Throughout this process, we make sure our products use eco-friendly printing methods! Even if it’s a little bit more expensive, we believe it’s worth it: using less water, energy and wasting zero ink ensures every item is sustainable and respects the environment. Plus, this printing method lets us have rich patterns full of details and colors while getting softer and softer with every wash.

It’s a family affair

When we have different samples to work with, it’s test time:

our own kids, our extended family and even our customers participate! Only the ones that excelled not only as a swaddle, but also as a princess cape, a tent and even a picnic blanket, pass our test. Every Mini Scout item was baby (and mama) approved, so you’re 100% sure to receive the softest, prettiest product we could craft. Then, we finally hop on a call with our factory and put in an order.

After weeks of waiting, our brand-new swaddles are here!
We receive hundreds of cardboard boxes and carefully label them one by one before placing them in our storage facility (AKA our regular-sized garage) or send them off into Amazon warehouses. The kids love running around while we sort
everything out.

Time to share with the world

Once we have placed the order, it’s time to get the word out. We take beautiful pictures of our samples
on their own, and then send some samples for a brand photoshoot with the cutest babies! Now is also
the time we start letting you know when the next Mini Scout collection will be available:
make sure to check our social media to stay on the loop!

Taking care of the tech side of the business, our small but mighty team of employees are busy bees working on the website, coding, and handling emails and orders. We make sure your special gift doesn’t get mixed up!

Finally, and after all this work, it’s time for shipping: your swaddles and crib sheets are carefully packaged so they get to you unharmed and ready to use. The kids love helping stick the labels on the packages.

Then, we make sure your package reaches you as soon as possible: we can’t wait to hear about your swaddling adventures!

Please out, let us know how we did and, if your little one loved their new swaddle, leave us a review! We’re here to make it right if you’re anything less than 100% happy, so give us a shout at