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Making a change through beautiful baby essentials

Our family wanted to give back. We also wanted beautiful baby items that actually represented our
personal style. Mini Wander was born as an opportunity to do both!

“Mini Wander was born as a way to give back: we’re deeply blessed and we feel a call to make a difference in the world”

As a family, we recognize we’ve been incredibly blessed: being first-generation immigrants and living in the US, we knew we had to give back and make a positive impact in other people’s lives, especially children!

But at the time and although we were living a good life, there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room: living paycheck to paycheck, it was sometimes impossible to set money aside for charity.

So, while browsing through the baby aisle in preparation for our new little one, we had an idea. First, we realized that even though baby items come in plenty of different shapes and colors, most of them clashed with our personal sense of style. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with classic baby patterns, but they didn’t inspire us.

Pairing our different talents, we knew we could make a difference! Kristina’s creative flair was the perfect balance to Roman’s ability to handle the “business side of things”. We knew what was missing: baby essentials that intentionally brought beauty to children’s day-to-day, representing the one-of-a 25kind bundle of joy they truly are!

Sometimes we all get caught up in the everyday rush, so by making the little details in a family’s life more beautiful, they could pause and savor the small things that brought them joy. We wanted to walk into our children’s nursery and feel energized, motivated and surrounded by things that intentionally put us in a good mood (beside the giggling baby of course!). So with that idea, we got to work.

Listening to our call

The Mini Wander is more than a place to find gorgeous swaddles and accessories with unique prints. We want to help families create intentional beauty in everyday moments through baby essentials made to last and crafted with care. We want this to be a close-knit community of mamas supporting one another, families coming together, and people trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Through the Mini Wander we want to serve, donate and lend a hand to children and communities in need. We’re passionate to grow the business because the more we grow, the more we’re able to give back.

Since the beginning, the Mini Wander was born as a way to help, and that’s what will guide our growth.
We’re happy you’re in for the ride!

With love,
Kristina & Roman

Meet the fam

The OG mompreneur. After welcoming her first child, she was disappointed at the limited options in baby items. Bibs, swaddles and onesies were functional, but not stylish. Plus, babies looked so similar in them! So she decided to start making her own unique baby apparel. Pairing her love for creating beautiful things with Roman’s entrepreneurial flair, a family business was born. It all started with Billy Bibs, selling handmade bibs that actually looked like part of your baby’s outfit. Then it grew from there!
Listening to her family’s call to serve and make a change, the Mini Wander is a new project that aims to build a strong community and help others.

A former welder and truck driver, Roman is passionate about entrepreneurship, family and listening to His call. After having to spend most of his time on the road, he was thrilled to start a business with his wife! Spending more time with his loved ones was a big part of the decision, but being able to make a real difference in the lives of less fortunate children is what moved him to get on board. The Mini Wander was born as a way to serve and follow his call to lend a hand.

The kids
They’re cute. They’re snuggly. They’re too old for a swaddle now (we’re devastated). They help their parents keep the business going by adding laughter, love and passion to their family. Roman and Kristina feel blessed to have them!

As a Mini Wander customer, you’re part of the family too! Your feedback and experiences let us create the softest, most beautiful baby items every day, while your support makes a real difference in the lives of children and communities in need. You inspire us to do better, and we’re thrilled to have you!