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How To Choose Flowers For A Baby Announcement

How To Choose Flowers For A Baby Announcement

Welcoming your friend or loved one's new addition is an exciting experience. It's tradition to send a lovely bouquet and gift to new parents when they announce the arrival of their baby, but knowing what's appropriate to send can be challenging.

Here are some practical tips to help you choose flowers for a baby announcement.

Consider the Month

Choosing a bouquet that represents the baby's traditional birth flower is a unique and thoughtful gift for this special occasion. As these flowers are symbolic, the parents could even dry and keep them as a long-lasting decor piece. Conversely, you could preserve a bloom in resin as a keepsake.

The birth month flowers include:

  • January - carnations or snowdrops
  • February - violets or primrose
  • March - daffodils or jonquils
  • April - daisies or sweet peas
  • May - hawthorns or lilies of the valley
  • June - roses or honeysuckle
  • July - water lilies or delphiniums
  • August - poppies or gladiolus
  • September - morning glories or asters
  • October - cosmos or marigolds
  • November - chrysanthemums
  • December - holly or paperwhites

Some blooms are harder to find than others, depending on your area. It's also nice to share the meaning behind the birth flower as a sentimental touch.


Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/baby-s-feet-with-white-aster-flower-36793/

Consider the Color

Whether you opt to go with the birth flower or choose a different bloom, the color is another important consideration. Floral colors are rife with symbolism, though there are loopholes for baby announcements. 

Many thoughtful gifters tend to gravitate toward the traditional gender colors, opting for blue if the baby is a boy or pink if it's a girl. You can also take a gender-neutral approach with yellow, which represents friendship, or white, which represents purity.

If your friend or loved one has a themed nursery, it can also be nice to choose colors that reflect that theme. You can also select a vessel that fits the decor.

Select a Vase or Pot

One of the most common mistakes people make when sending flowers for a baby announcement is getting a loose bouquet rather than a full arrangement with a vessel. New parents are tired and busy with minimal time or energy to find a vase and place their flowers. Instead, purchase an arrangement that comes with a vessel or buy one separately.

Many florists have cute baby bouquet vessels in the likeness of lambs, teddy bears, ducks, etc. Consider your friend's tastes and whether they enjoy cute decor elements or prefer a more refined style; their nursery decor will be an indicator.

Choose the Right Timing

Consider waiting to send the flowers until after the hospital stay. While flowers can brighten a dull hospital room, they create more work for the new parents by adding one more thing to pack and transport when they leave. Additionally, some hospitals don't allow flowers as they carry allergens and bacteria.

If you're having flowers delivered through a service, send explicit instructions that the delivery driver shouldn't ring the doorbell or knock loudly. The last thing you want is to interrupt nap time!

Pair with a Thoughtful Note

You should always include a thoughtful note with your flower arrangement. It doesn't have to be a long, sentimental letter; a brief note is fine. 

If you're at a loss for what to write, keep it simple. Share your congratulations and how happy you are for the family or that you can't wait to meet the new addition. You can add a quote or well wishes. If you have a humorous relationship with the new parents, you could even say, "good luck."



Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-of-colorful-flowers-6757647/

Pair with a Practical Gift

While flowers are a nice gesture, they're an impractical gift. They brighten up a room and offer a visual reminder that someone cares. Flowers have been linked to decreased depression, anxiety, and stress. However, they don't help with the increased amount of laundry or getting sufficient sleep, or the expense of diapers.

Traditionally, people will send a practical gift with flowers. This gift could be anything from diapers and onesies to gift cards or prepared meals. You can even have a bouquet made with rolled-up socks, wash cloths, diapers, and outfits as a practical alternative to fresh flowers. 

With this simple guide, you can choose a thoughtful, lovely gift of flowers to celebrate a baby announcement. Remember to be considerate in your approach to delivering the bouquet to make things easier for the new parents.

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