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Muslin cotton baby blankets: Essential for swaddling newborns during naps, and versatile for practical baby care in your parenting journey. Explore our blog for a detailed look at all the different ways you can use our swaddles!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many swaddles do I need?

If your sole purpose for a swaddling blanket is to only swaddle a baby, you need at least one swaddle per day. It will be used several times, for nap time and for bedtime. 4-7 swaddles is ideal if you plan on laundering your babies items once or twice a week.

Do you have to swaddle a newborn?

No, you don't have to swaddle a newborn. However, newborn babies are used to being in a tight space. Swaddling them will mimic the familiar feeling of being in the womb. It will help calm and sooth them. It also helps settle babies when it is time for them to sleep.

When should I stop swaddling my baby?

You should stop swaddling when your baby is able to flip over from back to tummy. This milestone is typically reached at 5 months but each baby is different. If you see your baby starting to practice this, it is time to transition out of the swaddle.

How to transition out of a swaddle?

You can slowly ease the baby out of a swaddle by starting with nap time. Identify which nap time the baby has the easiest time falling asleep and is the longest. Start by leaving one arm out of the swaddle during this nap. If your baby has no trouble sleeping, leave one arm out for the rest of their naps and even for bedtime. Next, you can experiment with leaving both arms out for one nap of the day. Having a sleep sack is a great help for this step. Eventually your baby will get used to sleeping unswaddled.

How to swaddle with a muslin blanket?

Our fail-proof swaddling method is outlined in our blog. To sum up, lay baby down on the top of an open swaddle. Pull the top right side across the baby and tuck it under them. Follow with the top left corner, pulling it across the baby and tucking the left over fabric under the baby. The babies arms should be secure. Pull up the leftover fabric from the bottom and cover the baby, tuck in the right and left side.