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Wrap your little one in comfort and security with our premium muslin cotton baby swaddles. Designed for swaddling newborns during naps and beyond, our versatile swaddles are essential for every stage of your parenting journey.

Dive into our blog for insights on maximizing the benefits of our baby swaddles, including a detailed exploration of what makes a muslin swaddle blanket in our post 'What Is a Muslin Swaddle Blanket?'

Frequently Asked Questions

How to swaddle a baby?

Explore our blog post for our unique swaddling method, different from what most places recommend. It ensures a secure swaddle without tightness on the baby's hips and is aesthetically pleasing.

Why do babies like to be swaddled?

Swaddling mimics the comforting sensation of being in the womb or being held, calming and soothing babies. It's also effective for settling them when it's time to sleep.

How long can you swaddle a baby?

Most pediatricians recommend swaddling until around 2-3 months of age, or when the baby starts showing signs of rolling over. At this point, swaddling should be discontinued to ensure the baby's safety during sleep.