newborn baby boy in a hospital bassinet wrapped in a leaf green swaddle with his fathers hand on him

Ideas For A Memorable Baby Announcement

Hi everyone!

We're so glad that you used our blankets in your newborn baby announcement photos. We love seeing them shared on Instagram and Facebook, and we think it's awesome that you want to share your baby's special moment with the world. 
We couldn’t be more grateful. :-)

And we also know how hard it can be to get a good picture of your newborn. We know that making your birth announcement photo shoot is a big deal—you want to capture the moment, but you also want it to be special. 

You want your kid's first photo with the whole family to be something you can look back on for years and years. That's why we’re writing this blog post so we can share some ideas for making a newborn announcement photo shoot as fun as possible while still capturing the incredible newness of this new life.


Here are some tips and ideas — including themes and outfits — that will help make your shoot fun:

Tips and Ideas on Making A Picture Perfect Birth Announcement


  • Prepare For Everything

First things first: make sure you have a plan in place before the big day arrives. The best way to do this? Start early! Sit down with your partner and talk about what kinds of photos you'd like to take. You'll want to decide on outfits, locations, props, and poses—and then write everything down so that when the time comes, you can just pick up where you left off without missing anything important. Some of the cutest birth announcement photos are taken in the hospital so pre plan your photo strategy. An easy way to do this is create a Pinterest Board with cute baby pictures that catch your eye. Here is a board where we saved some cute ideas.


  • Pick Neutral Colors

You can start by dressing your baby in clothes that are in neutral colors, like beige, gray or white. Neutral colors are timeless and easy to match, so they'll always be in style. Plus, they're easier for the photographer to style because there isn't as much contrast between different shades of color. Try having some texture in the clothes such as knits or bulky cardigans so that the end results feel cozy and interesting to look at. Making sure you have plenty of outfits for your cute baby. After all, they are the center of attention! Something super simple to add is accessories such as hats, bows and blankets. They are easy to switch out without bothering the baby too much. Lots of times, your photographer will be able to help you pick out outfits that look good together and fit well on your baby. Sometimes they even have a wardrobe for your family to pick some cute outfits from!

  • Use Whimsical Props

After you've picked out an outfit for your baby and gotten everything ready for their birth announcement photo shoot, look around for props that might add some extra fun into the picture! We recommend stuffed animals, wooden blocks or a name plaque with the baby's name to help create a fun environment for your shoot. You could also use sentimental items like a family heirloom if you have one. One of my favorites is a onesie with "I'm here!" written across it in big letters. You can also choose outfits that represent something special about your family or child, like if they were born at home, or if they have any specific medical conditions or issues. You can add these details with a custom plaque or letterboard. Bringing toys into the cute baby pictures can also be a fun addition to a familiar atmosphere. I love a large stuffed animal or a sweet lovey as a prop.  And as a bonus, you can take milestone pictures with the same item and see how much your baby has grown since day one.


  • Natural Lighting

Make sure there is plenty of natural light in the room where you'll be taking pictures. This helps ensure that you get crisp good quality images. Be sure to keep the lighting consistent throughout the shoot by putting the baby right next to a big window where the natural light is. Do not turn on overhead lights as that will put unwanted and different colored shadows in your photos. Take your photos during the time of day that has the most light coming in the window. Try to make sure that you are not standing between the light and your baby because you will cast a shadow on your subject and block that natural light. You can even have your baby fall asleep by the window, soaking up some vitamin D in the sunlight while you capture some sweet photos of them napping.


  • Get Creative

Try taking photos from an angle that's not usually seen in newborn photos: above them or below them (sometimes this will make them look even cuter). Focus on getting close up shots of little things like baby wrinkles and tiny toes. This will help your friends and family get a sense of how tiny your little one really is!


  • Post Editing

.You might be tempted to apply some pretty photo filters to your favorite baby photos but be careful to not over process. Some filters are too harsh and go out of style quickly. The best option is to brighten the photo and apply a subtle soft filter. Don’t forget to save the original photo so you can always go back to it.


Baby Announcement Captions

We also put together some of our favorite captions and quotes to accompany your newborn announcement posts on social media here.

We hope these can help you create an awesome post about your new baby and give everyone who sees it a little bit of insight into what makes your family so special.


Baby Announcement Photos

We love seeing our customers' beautiful newborn photos every year as they have their babies, and we think you will love seeing these and getting some inspo from them. Here are some of our top picks from our customers’ newborn announcement photos:

 Baby sleeps soundly in a baby basket while swaddled in a mini wander wildflower white swaddle with a big light peach bow.
 swaddle | image
Newborn baby girl named Caroline Kristine, swaddled in white swaddle sleeping in a Hospital bassinet covered with mini wander wild flower taupe swaddle. The baby has a lovely light brown hair bow.
 swaddle image
Baby girl smiling while asleep swaddled in mini wander Magnolia Tree Brown, wearing a big white bow.  She's dozing off on a soft brown cotton linen.
 swaddle image
Wayning, a newborn baby girl wrapped in a pink flower swaddle, with a hello world wooden board announcement next to her. She's got a cute white bow on her head.
 swaddle image
a newborn girl photo in a sunflower baby blanket
 swaddle image
a newborn baby girl in a waffle ruffled onesie bodysuit on a soft muslin receiving blanket with pretty wild flowers.
 swaddle image
a tiny baby girl baby announcement photo with a newborn on a pretty floral swaddle blanket
 swaddle image
a new baby boy sleeping peacefully in a hospital bassinet with dads hand on top. swaddling in the summer, swaddle blankets boy,
 swaddle image
a smiling newborn baby boy swaddled in a green boho wrap in a snuggle me organic bassinet.
 swaddle image
 I hope that you have enjoyed this article and I wish you luck in your baby announcement photo shoot. If you have any other ideas, feel free to add them in the comments.
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