Newborn photography - Baby Girl Millie Jones

Newborn photography - Baby Girl Millie Jones

There’s something beautiful about how a new baby completes the family. That’s exactly what talented photographer Mica Sansaver (@photographybymica_)captured in this breath taking newborn photo session direction, taken in January 2020.

Using the home nursery as a background, the Jones welcomed Millie into the world wrapped in the stunning florals of our Peony Blooms swaddle in charcoal grey.The soft earthy tones and saturated hues paired beautifully with the inviting colors of the room, and gave the pictures an intimate feel of love and deep emotion.

We’re so happy for this young family! Here are the highlights of this inspiring photo session: 

Look at the gorgeous knitted bonnet! I absolutely loved that handmade touch, and it’s the exact match to the pink peonies in little Millie’s swaddle.

Watching big sis Charlotte cuddle with Millie made me remember when ours were so little! They grow so fast! One moment they’re snuggled up, and the next they’re already giving their first steps.

What was your favorite picture? My heart was just putty looking at the one with the little toes (so cute!).


Photography by Mica Sansaver: @photographybymica_(Washington)



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Such a lovely photo-shoot! The photographer nailed it. I’m going to need that swaddle in my life!


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