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Shared Neutral Nursery

This simple shared nursery room is neutral and sweet. Designed by Alle, a mama of 4. The two youngest children share a room with a crib on one side and a small bed on the other. “Cayden is turning three and Julia is 6 months old. I got my inspiration for this shared room by a few mamas on Instagram”.

The babies crib can be purchased from Ikea. The Jenny Lind bed and the pink antique dresser were a find from Facebook market. The simple Ikea shelves are a must in every nursery room for a simple and practical decor. Alle’s favorite part about decorating the nursery is adding wooden baby toys.

When asked about motherhood Alle replied, “I believe the most surprising thing about motherhood is that unconditional love for your babies. For me, I never thought I would love another baby like I love Cayden, but Julia prove me wrong.”

Enjoy these sweet and simple nursery room photos.

Simple Shared Neutral Nursery Room

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Images & Styling by Alejandra Trejo
Instagram: @alletrejo
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