Wholesale Terms & Conditions

(updated May 19, 2021)

Please note that placing your wholesale order with us (Mini Wander) and our services (defined below) are subject to the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you may not open a wholesale account or place any wholesale order on the website.

Welcome to Mini Wander. Please carefully review these terms and conditions before using any premium feature or services exclusively made available to our wholesalers. By applying for a wholesale account, using your wholesale account or otherwise placing any wholesale order on the website, you consent to the following terms and conditions.

These Terms of Conditions (the “Terms”) is a binding contract between you and Mini Wander LLC (“Mini Wander'', “we” and “us”) when you place your order with us. You must agree to and accept all of the Terms, or you may not use or access the services and offers at any time. The following Terms and Conditions apply to all wholesalers, retailers, catalog (POS) orders and contract holders. By placing your wholesale order with us, you agree to our terms of conditions. 

ONLINE SALES: Wholesale accounts are available to brick-and-mortar retail shops, or online retailers with their own storefronts (websites).  Businesses are forbidden from selling Mini Wander merchandise on any other online retail outlet. Mini Wander products may not be sold on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart or through Facebook Buy-In Groups or any other means.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these terms or service, please feel free to contact us at wholesale@mini-wander.com.


1.1 - Your membership to a wholesale account or subscription to any service exclusively available to wholesale account holders shall be subject to appropriate verification and approval by Mini Wander. If you are applying in the United States, you must own a brick and mortar store or an online retail store to apply for or become our retailer. To set up a wholesale account, visit this page https://mini-wander.com/pages/wholesale-form and fill out the form to register for a wholesale user account.

1.2 - By applying for a wholesale account on the website, you warrant and give an undertaking that:

  • You own a valid business entity and are fully authorized (hold all the necessary permissions) to operate your store.
  • You have all the power, legal capacity, and authorization to enter this agreement with Mini Wander. If you consent to these Wholesale Terms and Conditions on behalf of your business entity, you agree to be personally liable for any kinds of misrepresentation, infringements, violations, acts and omissions or indemnities granted to any party without proper authorization from your business organization.
  • All information submitted on the website is accurate, complete, and updated to your knowledge. If we believe or become aware at any point that you have submitted any misleading, false, or fabricated information to create a wholesale account on the website, we may restrict, suspend or terminate your account in our sole discretion and without any obligations whatsoever.
  • You have reviewed and consented to our Privacy Policy. Please note that all your submitted information is subject to the privacy policy and practices as set forth in our Privacy Policy.
  • You will take all necessary precautions to protect your login credentials and maintain a secure run-time environment of your device. You will be fully liable for all activities that may take place through your account, including but not limited to services subscribed, orders placed, or any derogatory, defamatory, or objectionable content shared on the website. 


2.1 - If you wish to collaborate with business entities for distributing or reselling any product line made available by Mini Wander, you must ensure that your business partners/resellers strictly adhere to the same terms, conditions, and guidelines as outlined in this Wholesale Terms and Conditions. The wholesale account of retailers who fail to enforce these terms and instructions with their re-sellers will be terminated in our sole discretion.


3.1 -Mini Wander reserves a right to restrict the sale of any product line to specific regions in its sole discretion and exercise this right on a case-by-case basis. Please acknowledge that any promotional offer, product line, or package size otherwise applicable to any wholesale order may not be available in your region/jurisdiction.

The images of any product line may be software rendered and displayed on the website for illustration purposes only. The actual products may be slightly different from these illustrations as the colors shown on your device may differ, depending on factors like your hardware, software, color profile, and lighting, etc.


  • You can log in to your wholesale account at https://mini-wander.com/account/login and place your order. You must be a registered wholesaler to submit your wholesale request. If you have not yet created your wholesale account, please go to the web site, scroll all the way down to the footer, and click on "Wholesale." Follow the prompts and submit your information. We will inform you as soon as your wholesale account is approved.
  • If your wholesale account has been approved, you can login with your credentials and start placing wholesale orders.


4.1 - Any product line ordered through your wholesale account shall only be sold at or higher (to accommodate shipping markups) than the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), as determined or updated by Mini Wander from time to time. 

4.2 - In case you offer discounts to sell any product line purchased from THE MINI WANDER, the aggregate value of such discounts shall be limited to twenty (20%) percent of the MSRP, and any such promotional event shall not be longer than two (2) weeks.

4.3 All Mini Wander retailers that need to clear their stock by offering more than Twenty (20%) percent discount on the MSRP shall obtain prior written consent from MINI WANDER, which shall not be unreasonably denied but preferably granted on a semiannual basis. However, Black Friday Sales do not need a written request.


5.1 - All prices are listed in US dollars. Our authorized retailers will receive fifty (50%) percent off the MSRP. Shipping charges will be calculated separately and added to your wholesale order.

5.2 - Prices are subject to change without prior notice. If we find that the price of any product line is quoted incorrectly, we reserve a right to rectify such errors and omissions even if you have already placed your order. We will inform you about the correct price as soon as we can, and you will have the option to cancel your order or proceed with your order at the rectified wholesale price. 

5.3 - Our wholesale prices and price lists of products made available by Mini Wander shall be deemed as Confidential Information, to be used by retailers only. Publishing, revealing, or disseminating any Confidential Information disclosed to the retailers is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Mini Wander.

5.4 - Any failure to maintain the confidentiality of our wholesale prices may result in termination of your wholesale account and Mini Wander may seek compensation for damages caused by your breach of confidentiality obligations.


6.1 - Mini Wander reserves a right to add or remove any payment instrument on the website in its sole discretion. You can use Credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay to place your wholesale order. We accept all major credit cards.


7.1 - We offer Free Domestic Shipping on orders with 40 units or more. No coupons necessary. It will automatically show as free shipping in your cart. If your cart does not contain 40 units, you are not eligible for free shipping on your products.

7.2 - Shipping charges will be calculated and added to your wholesale order at the checkout, depending on the weight and destination of your shipment. However, packaging and handling of your purchase will be free, and you shall be only paying for the shipping service only. All wholesale orders will be insured in case they get lost or damaged in transit.


8.1 - All International orders that place an order with 40 units or more will receive a discount of $35.00 USD from their shipping cost automatically from their cart. Shipping charges will also be calculated at checkout and the fees that apply for Domestic shipping in the last section (7.2).


9.1 - All wholesale orders to international destinations will be shipped with USPS Priority or UPS (Canada Only) and insured to prevent any loss or damage in transit.

9.2 - All retailers registered on the website shall be solely liable to ensure that they can import any product line to their shipping destination without violating any laws, conditions, restrictions or guidelines that may be applicable for importing products to such any region or country. Most orders with $1,000 USD or more are subject to custom clearance and duties for this region location (Quebec) has higher Duties and Fees.

9.3 - The wholesale account holders shall be solely liable for paying customs duties and taxes that may be applicable to their order. Mini Wander shall not be liable for any confiscated packages due to unpaid customs, failure to provide necessary documents or any violation of import restrictions or guidelines that may be applicable to your wholesale order.

9.4 - UK wholesale customers - Effective January 1, 2021, value added tax ( VAT ) must be collected for all goods entering the United Kingdom (UK). There will be a 20% VAT rate on goods valued up to £135 (about $180USD). UK wholesale customers should be held liable and responsible for any fees incurred by their border or customs department.


10.1 - We aim to deliver all orders within one to three working days (1-3 days) submitted on the website. Weekends and holidays are not considered as working days and may take longer to process your order. 

10.2 - We may need more time to process larger consignments and international orders if the order is larger than usual. In this case, we will contact you immediately and notify that turnaround time of your order. 

10.3 - If you place an order and your shipping address is not verified, your order may be on hold until our customer service team will reach out to you to verify the address. All addresses must be verified at the time an order is placed to avoid delays and miss delivery.

10.4 - Any processing or turn-around time mentioned thereof is based on estimates, and we do not guarantee that your wholesale orders will be processed or delivered within the specified schedule. By placing an order, you agree that we shall not be liable for any delays due to force majeure events, including any non-performance by third-party service providers.

10.5 - If you are not available when delivery is attempted, we will contact you to reschedule your delivery. If we are unable to reach you and all such delivery attempts are failed, you will be liable to pay a restocking fee as set forth in the Returns and Refunds section.


Transaction Credits on Refunds Fees - After March 1, 2020, Shopify will no longer return this fee.
In the event of cancellations and return refunds, all wholesale orders will have a non-refundable processing fee.

11.1 - We offer a 30 days return policy to our wholesale customers. We thoroughly inspect every item of your consignment before shipping it, but if you find that wrong, faulty, defective, damaged, or inconsistent products have been delivered, you can contact our customer service team (wholesale@mini-wander.com) to get your issue resolved. 

11.2 - However, you must request a return authorization within fifteen (15) days of receiving your order. Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival and contact the Mini Wander at wholesale@mini-wander.com within five days of receipt of damaged or defective packages.

11.3 - Returned merchandise will not be accepted if it is held for more than 30 days after receipt. If your customer returns a product due to a defect, please forward the complaint to our customer service team at (wholesale@mini-wander.com, and we will ship a replacement directly to the respective customer (Domestic Only). For international customers, if there was a complaint, then we will issue a credit to the wholesaler when they place a new wholesale order with us via the website.

11.4 - Once we receive your return, the items will be inspected for damage, defects, or inconsistencies mentioned in your return authorization request. It shall be your responsibility to provide conclusive proof that you received a wrong, faulty, defective, damaged, or inconsistent product. If we are convinced with your claim, a replacement will be shipped without charging any additional expenses. 

11.5 - For international orders, you will receive a credit in the amount of the product, and a replacement will be shipped with your next wholesale order.

11.6 - If an order is returned without any merits, you will be liable to pay a ten (10%) percent restocking fee on returned merchandise. You will also bear the shipping charges, which shall be non-refundable. Please email wholesale@mini-wander.com prior to returning any products. We highly recommend that you should purchase a sample of our products from the website www.mini-wander.com before placing any wholesale order. 

11.7 - If any returned merchandise is approved, but replacement is not available, the amount will be credited to your wholesale account after deducting the shipping charges, which is non-refundable. If you return an order without return authorization for a replacement or refund, any remaining amount will be credited to your wholesale account after minus twenty (20%) percent restocking fee on a forced returned merchandise.

11.8 - Please acknowledge that items damaged due to improper handling, misuse, or an accident, as determined by Mini Wander, will not be accepted. 


12.1 - By placing an order, you agree that Mini Wander makes no warranty, whether express or implied, regarding the merchantability of any product line made available on the website. You also agree that Mini Wander shall not be liable for any misrepresentation or misuse of its products by you, your re-sellers, customers or the end users, and indemnify Mini Wander from actions and proceedings that may emanate from such misrepresentation or misuse.


13.1 - Mini Wander may provide product images and other brand assets that you request for your business promotion. Please acknowledge that all promotional and marketing materials, including but not limited to blog articles, images, illustrations, and audio-visual media are fully protected by copyrights, owned and controlled by Mini Wander or the respective providers.

13.2 - No material from this website or any website owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by Mini Wander may be copied, posted, published, reproduced, republished, transmitted, or distributed without prior written consent from Mini Wander. Using any of our copyrighted material or brand assets by retailers, resellers, or consumers without giving proper credit to Mini Wander is strictly prohibited.


14.1 - Mini Wander reserves a right to modify or replace these terms and conditions to accommodate any changes in its business or as required by law. However, if these terms and conditions are substantially modified, we will publish an update on this page or send an email notification to your registered email address. 

14.2 - Please regularly visit this page to stay updated or before placing another order. Once published and notified, the modified Wholesale Terms and Conditions shall replace and supersede all previous versions of these terms and conditions unless any provision is retained in the modified terms and conditions. Submitting an order or otherwise using your wholesale account after any such modification shall be construed as your explicit consent to accept the modified Wholesale Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any such modification, you can discontinue the Services.


If you have any queries or concerns regarding our wholesale terms and conditions hereof, please contact our support team at wholesale@mini-wander.com. We will respond to your queries as soon as we can.